Kettlebell exercises for fat lossKettlebell users love these weights for a reason!

Along with high intensive cardio, kettlebell routines for fat loss provide a very efficient calorie burn.

The measure of calories you can burn utilizing kettlebell weights can be incredibly high: an examination by the American Council on Exercise found that the normal individual burns 400 calories in 20 minutes while doing kettlebell work outs. In addition, frequently working out with kettlebells fundamentally lessens back, neck, and shoulder pain while strengthening core abdominal muscles.


This very simple piece of equipment provides numerous benefits from toning your body to the rapid consumption of calories with the ongoing afterburn following the exercises.

Due to its versatility you can work the whole body or a specific muscle group. Used correctly and as ever the key is to do the exercises correctly, the kettlebell provides a perfect workout and an excellent fat burn. Further benefits will follow in the form of greater strength and improved flexibility. This will help not only when you work out using other gym equipment but also during your regular day to day activities.

The speed of calorie burn and for me the fun means that I prefer the kettlebell to other exercises like running or working on the treadmill.

For me a healthy fit body leads to better mindfulness and life’s generally more fun.

So here are three great calorie burners to get you started.

The Kettlebell Squat

Relatively every muscle in the body is worked during this kettlebell workout. In addition it provides a fantastic cardio vascular work out as the heart pumps, the pulse rises and in certain faces the face cheeks go red!, .

Strange as it may seem the kettlebell squat builds on some of our early learnings as children. From early potty training we learn to squat and lift our body by pushing down through and hips and knees. From then on we do the squat no end of times during our daily lives when we take a seat, when we stand up when we get into the car and yes when we use the bathroom.

The kettlebell squat works the heart harder and so pumps blood around the body. It’s also very effective in opening up the lower back and counteracting lower back pain.

The depth of the kettlebell squat is important to gain the most benefit. Aim to drop the thighs parallel with the floor with the end goal to fully engage the butt cheek muscles. Working those butt cheek muscles is an immense fat killer.

I’ve written about the kettlebell squat in other blogs so won’t risk repeating myself here. Aim for three reps of ten using the heaviest weight to work the legs but not so heavy as to do long term damage or put you off working with this amazing bit of equipment.


The Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing, similar to the squat above works most muscles in the body from head to toe. However, it has its greatest impact on the back. The buttocks, lower, mid and upper back all work hard during the kettlebell swing.

It’s important to remember that you do not lift the weight using the back which needs to be kept locked. The lift from the swing is driven through your hips and thigh muscles.

Similarly, as with the squat the feet don’t move as you swing the kettlebell through your legs. As you reach the top of the swing controlling the weight you will build up the abs when performed effectively. Remember to keep the back straight as the lift is coming through the powering up of the legs not by flexing the back. Above all keep the swing under control which forces every muscle to come to the party and do some work! .

As above with the kettlebell swing, I’ve written about the kettlebell squat in other blogs so won’t risk repeating myself here.

As above aim to do three sets of ten with a weight proportionate to your skill with the kettlebell and overall fitness. You are only competing against yourself! so don’t try swinging too heavy a weight which will only cause you to lack motivation as it’s too hard or potentially injure yourself.

Single Leg V Up

Finally this very simple exercise targets the hips, the back, the abs, and also the shoulders and boy does it burn the abs!.

Lie with your face up while holding the kettlebell overhead with both hands. Start by doing a sit-up by bringing the kettlebell forward and simultaneously lifting right leg to meet the kettlebell as you crunch up.

Lower yourself back down to the start position and then repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Aim to do three sets of ten


Kettlebells provide an effective fat loss routine by engaging muscles from head to toe and raising the pulse to provide a good cardio workout.

All the above exercises will help you create some astonishing outcomes if your desire is fat loss.

Good luck as you discover how powerful kettlebells can be for weight reduction, building up your strength and stamina.

Finally, I hope that you found this blog useful and wherever you are on your Kettlebell journey it would be great if you could leave a comment below.